July 26, 2021

We are delighted that both PUZZLES and Lewes Gourmet were included in a Delaware Today article showcasing local stores.

Shop Local at 10 Unique Boutiques at the Delaware Beaches (

November 8, 2020

Lewes Gourmet and PUZZLES are again very happy to be part of a renewed local business community awareness campaign starting Tuesday November 10th 2020 to promote visiting Lewes and the Lewes Lights campaign - this time with a Holiday feel.  Come and visit us on the Canal at Front Street for some terrific seasonal fare, both to exercise your mind and to tickle your taste buds!

WBOC WRDE Lewes and Lewes Lights Holiday 2020 Commercial with Lewes Gourmet and PUZZLES

August 26, 2020

Lewes Gourmet (and PUZZLES too!) participated in a local retail business community awareness campaign to promote visiting Lewes. We hope you enjoy! (…THRILLED that they never even suggested we use sub-titles!!)

July 15, 2020

Lewes Gourmet and PUZZLES support local nonprofits


September 30, 2019

WBOC Delmarva Life Small Town Series featuring Lewes:

DelMarVa Life Series - Lewes

Link to Lewes Gourmet/PUZZLES specific segment--

Lewes Gourmet and PUZZLES


August 8, 2019


July 26, 2018

UD Students work to eliminate plastic bags: Businesses for Better Bags initiative underway in Lewes

Lewes Gourmet offers mug and teas to support local nonprofits


February 14, 2018

Lewes Gourmet teas can be gift packaged in this Lewes-crested, limited-edition British porcelain mug. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Locally owned Lewes Gourmet, located on the canal at Front Street, has produced a range of nine high-quality teas that promote and champion iconic Lewes landmarks and beloved Lewes nonprofits.

WRDE Live at Lewes Gourmet December 2017 to showcase products

Click here for video.


Letters to the Editor

Shop, eat and fish in Lewes during construction

Andrea Spuck and Tim Southerst

October 12, 2017


Kalmar Nyckel ends Lewes season by graduating a local crew of volunteers

Markell designates it ‘Delaware's Tall Ship;

While completing training in Lewes, volunteers had the option to live aboard ship or commute if local. Shown in back (l-r) Tim Southerst, Lewes; Katia Sol-Church, Wilmington; William Ryan, Bethany Beach and Wilmington; Bart Physioc, Annapolis, Md.; Andrew Lyter, Lewes. In the middle, Ken Boone, Baltimore, Md.; Barry Birney, Ocean View and Garnet Valley, Pa.; Frank Cebula, Lewes; Ron Parks, Rehoboth and Harrisburg, Pa.; and Andrea Spuck, Lewes; In front. Claire Benesh, Lewisberry, Pa.; Shore and Relief Captain Sharon Dounce, Wilmington; Second Mate Hailee Grimes, Florida; Ship's Master, Captain Lauren Morgens, Wilmington; First Mate and Engineer Matt Rajkovich, Wilmington and Baltimore, Md. SUBMITTED PHOTO

September 11, 2016

The Kalmar Nyckel wrapped up its 2016 August Summer Season in Lewes soon after graduating its 38th class of new volunteers. Coming from all walks of life and experience, bringing a variety of skills, these 11 men and women join approximately 300 others who can "Weather Clew, Sheet Home" and "Heave Around the Halyard."

Coastal Cuisine: Lewes Gourmet and The Spice & Tea Exchange with Michael Sprouse

PUZZLES and Lewes Gourmet owners celebrate anniversary with ribbon cutting

Shown are in back (l-r) Lou Braithwaite, Gavin Braithwaite, Lewes Mayor Ted Becker and Lewes Deputy Mayor Fred Beaufait. In the second row are Betsy Reamer, Lewes Chamber; Judy Doyle, employee; Sarah Smith, employee; and Rob Morgan, Lewes City Council. In front are Alexandra Southerst, John Southerst, Tim Southerst, Andrea Spuck and Elizabeth Southerst. SUBMITTED PHOTO

July 10, 2016

Tim Southerst and Andrea Spuck assumed ownership of PUZZLES and Lewes Gourmet on the canal at 108 and 110 Front St. in Lewes June 30, 2015. They celebrated the one-year anniversary with a ribbon cutting with family, store colleagues, city officials and previous owners Gavin and Lou Braithwaite. The Braithwaites actively assisted the Southerst family as they transitioned into the world of retail ownership and Lewes life over the past year.

Beacon Middle School students make science connections

November 2, 2015

Beacon Middle School students John Southerst, left, and Owen Smith applied science class lessons in their real lives. SOURCE SUBMITTED

School is a great place to make connections. That’s what’s happening in Beacon Middle School’s sixth-grade science class. Across the curriculum, students are making connections in classes to help them comprehend the material by relating it to real-life situations.

Lewes Gourmet’s Iron Fish helps Beacon Middle School Students make science connections!

Delaware Today – Best of Delaware – Best Gourmet To Go 2016

Saltwater Portrait

Andrea Spuck and Tim Southerst: World travelers set roots in Lewes

Community spirit sold owners of Puzzles and Lewes Gourmet

Tim Southerst and Andrea Spuck took their family to Lewes Castle, Sussex, England, during a trip over spring break. Shown are (l-r) Tim Southerst, Andrea Spuck, John Southerst, Elizabeth Southerst and Alexandra Southerst. BY NICK ROTH

Nick Roth

May 17, 2016

Lewes Gourmet features many hard-to-find treats from around the world. BY NICK ROTH

You'd be hard pressed to find a store with a more eclectic selection of worldly items. BY NICK ROTH


There's no place like home, and Andrea Spuck and Tim Southerst didn't quite know what home felt like until they found Lewes.

The owners of Puzzles and Lewes Gourmet on Front Street have lived all over the world, including England, Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany and across the United States. But none of those places had the same feeling as Lewes.

Lewes shop owners embarking on retirement

Braithwaites reminisce about their decades downtown; stores to remain open

Betty Fleming

July 25, 2014

Gavin and Lou Braithwaite stand in front of one of their downtown Lewes shops, Lewes Gourmet.  The couple plan to sell the stores and retire. SOURCE SUBMITTED

Gavin and Lou Braithwaite are not just well-known, established shop owners in downtown Lewes. They are active, involved citizens.

Delaware Today – Best of Delaware – Best Gourmet to Go 2012; Best Gourmet Grocer 2008 & 2007

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